669 Scholarships in Germany

In-Country Scholarship Programme in Ethiopia

Scholarships for postgraduate studies at any accredited university in Ethiopiia (Master and PhD)

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Volkswagen Foundation: Experiment! – In Search of Bold Research Ideas

The funding initiative is directed toward researchers from the natural-, engineering- and life sciences including behavioural biology and experimental psychology who want to put a potentially transformative research idea to the test. Each

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Heinrich Böll Foundation: Sur-Place-Scholarship Programme

The programme is aimed at financing sur-place-sponsorships in three different regions: Russia, Central America (and the Caribbean) and the Caucasus. Scholars receive their student or post-graduate scholarship on-site to carry out their

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Volkswagen Foundation: Opus magnum

The initiative aims at providing more freedom for writing a larger scholarly treatise to professors from the humanities and social sciences who have already achieved a degree of renown by virtue of (a first) outstanding research

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Munich Aerospace: Doctoral Scholarships

Candidates are higher-education graduates with a degree in a subject related to aeronautics and space travel who wish to obtain a doctoral degree at the Technical University Munich (TMU) or the University of the German Armed Forces (UniBw).

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German Egyptian Research Long-Term Scholarship Program (GERLS)

German-Egyptian long-term research scholarship

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Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (P.R.I.M.E.)

Funding for outstanding postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines and nationalities

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German Egyptian Research Short-Term Scholarship Program (GERSS)

German-Egyptian short-term research scholarship

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Volkswagen Foundation: Post-doctoral Fellowships in the Humanities at Universities and Research Institutes in Germany

Each academic year the Volkswagen Foundation finances up to 12 post-doctoral fellowships in the humanities for stays in Germany. The fellowships address post-docs at US institutions of higher education or research institutes who wish to

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Rosa Luxemburg Foundation: International PhD Scholarship

The RLF is a political educational organisation closely affiliated with DIE LINKE (The Left Party) which awards scholarships to international students planning to obtain a doctorate or carry out a doctoral research project in Germany. The

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