Winter School Grant

  • PHD, Master
  • €1,500
  • 9 November 2023
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PHD  Master 

The CEU Scholarships Committee has reserved a small sum of money from its general pool of travel funds. The Committee invites applicants from post-comprehensive CEU doctoral students and in exceptional cases, the committee would consider applications from currently 2nd year MA students as well, but preference will be given to Ph.D. students for this purpose.

Application materials required are outlined in the Winter School Grant Application Form. The Committee would like to emphasize that each application must include (a) a letter from the applicant's supervisor confirming that the courses offered in the Winter School are necessary for furthering the applicant's work at this stage of her/his research and (b) a letter from either the Head or Doctoral Program Director confirming that such courses are not currently offered in the applicant's Department.

Central European University (CEU)
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Central European University (CEU)

Based in Vienna, Central European University (CEU) brings together students and faculty from over 100 countries to exchange ideas in an open and dynamic community in the heart of Europe. Accredited in Austria and the U.S., CEU offers 50 English-language graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines, and three undergraduate programs in the social sciences and humanities. 

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  • Enrolled students who wish to attend a Winter School whose courses are (a) demonstrably necessary for the student's doctoral research at this stage of her/his research and (b) not offered at a CEU Department.

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Due to financial constraints, the Scholarships Committee may fund only a part of the total requested by the applicant, regardless of the quality of the application. Students may apply up to 1,500 EUR.


A completed application form signed by the supervisorInformation about the Winter School (flyer or call for application, including information about fees, if applicable).

Acceptance letter from the Winter School.

A statement of purpose or motivation letter or cover letter – submit a max. one-page summary of how attending the school will benefit your research.

A letter from your supervisor supporting your application and clarifying that it will benefit your research and that the courses you will attend are either not offered at CEU, or that they enhance existing courses offered.

A letter from either the Head or Doctoral Program Director confirming that such courses are not currently offered in the applicant's Department.

CEU Transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable).  You may download the unofficial transcript of records via the SITS e:Vision Portal.

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PHD  Master 

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