Wellcome Trust: Research Career Development Fellowships is Basic Biomedical Science

    This scheme provides an opportunity for postdoctoral scientists from across the remits of the Trust's funding streams to become independent research scientists and undertake high-quality research in an eligible Republic of Ireland institution.

    The awards will be made in partnership with the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and the Health Research Board (HRB).


    You should have a relevant connection to the European Economic Area.

    You are expected to have science or mathematical qualifications and, at the final decision point (i.e. at interview), should be no more than seven years from the date of your PhD viva.

    Please note that if you hold an established post you are not eligible to apply for a fellowship to be held at your current employing organisation. However, in exceptional circumstances we are willing to consider a preliminary application if you wish to move organisation and are able to make a strong scientific justification for the move. Please contact the Trust for advice (see ‘Contacts’).

    Time spent outside the research environment will be taken into consideration (e.g. time away due to personal reasons such as maternity, paternity, adoption leave or other caring responsibilities; ill-health or working in a non-research environment/role such as industry).

    Where applicants have taken formal maternity, paternity or adoption leave as the primary carer (either the mother, father, partner or adopter), the Trust will allow an additional six months for each period of parental leave when assessing eligibility. Each case will be considered individually and the employing institution may need to confirm that the applicant qualifies for this provision.

    You must have made intellectual contributions to research that have been published in leading journals, and be able to demonstrate your potential to carry out independent research.

    The proposed research should fall within our normal funding remit.

    Resubmissions are not normally encouraged. If your application has been unsuccessful, please contact the Office for advice.


    You must have an eligible sponsoring host institution in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and an eligible sponsor who can guarantee space and resources for the tenure of any award.

    If you propose to undertake fieldwork or research in a low- or middle-income country, you may require an additional sponsor in your overseas institution.

    The host institution sponsor:

    • must have a contract of employment with the institution with tenure beyond the duration of the proposed fellowship

    • should give an undertaking that if an award is made, you will be granted the status and prerogatives of other academic staff of similar seniority

    • should not expect you to spend more than eight hours per week on activities unrelated to the fellowship (e.g. teaching duties).

    Sponsors are encouraged to view their support and mentorship of you as part of a longer-term commitment to help you realise your career aspirations in research.

    Sponsors are advised to read all the scheme information provided here.

    More information about these roles can be found on the Glossary page.


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    Fellowships are tenable for five years and provide:

    • a basic salary, as determined by the host institution, with an additional Wellcome Trust enhancement

    • research expenses (e.g. consumables, equipment, fieldwork and data collection), including research assistance (normally one post which may be a postdoc or graduate RA or technician; requests for additional research staff may be considered where fieldwork or clinical studies in a low- or middle-income country are proposed)

    • overseas allowances where appropriate

    • travel and subsistence for scientifically justified visits of up to one year

    • provision for public engagement costs.

    Fellowships may be taken up on a part-time employment basis, where appropriate.

    Time permitted for non-research related activity during the fellowship is normally restricted to a maximum of eight hours each week.

    Successful candidates for this scheme may be considered for a Wellcome-Beit Prize Fellowship. These are intended to provide additional recognition for outstanding biomedical researchers who have been awarded Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowships.

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