Webster University "Gateway" Scholarship

    American citizens, U.S. national, permanent residents, refugees, or those who reside permanently in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible for Federal Student Aid. (Documentation of applicable immigration status is required if the applicant is not a U.S. citizen.)
    Financial aid applicants are considered for aid from every program for which they are eligible, including:
    • Grants and scholarships — awards that do not require repayment or service.
    • Long-term loans — awards that require repayment, including principal and interest, over a period of several years after completion of study at the University.

    Eligible students are offered aid in the form of “financial aid packages.” The types and amounts of aid in each package vary according to the student’s total educational costs, his or her ability to pay for those costs from family and personal resources, his or her academic achievements, and the types of aid for which the student is eligible.


    To be eligible, students must have been fully admitted to study at Webster University and show evidence of academic excellence (GPA 3.5 or equivalent) as well as leadership potential and promise for further studies. Students who expect to continue into doctoral programs will gain preference.
    • qualify for full admission into Webster program of choice
    • commit to studyingg fulltime at Webster University the Netherlands
    • Be prepared to fulfill a service requirement to the Leiden campus


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    The award is normally 15% of total full-time tuition.
    Note: If you are from an EEA country (EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) or if you possess a valid work permit and Dutch health insurance package, you may qualify for a work assignment at Webster and thereby increase your scholarship from 15% to 25%.

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