UQ International PhD Positionsin Methods for Siting Low and Zero Emission Vehicle Refueling Infrastructure

  • Phd
  • $28,597 p.a.
  • 8 August 2021

Supervisor – Professor Mark Hickman

Various levels of government in Australia are devising policies that might encourage the adoption and use of low and zero emission vehicles (LZEVs). To support these vehicles, refueling / recharging infrastructure is necessary; both the public and private sectors have interest in developing this infrastructure, as the market for LZEV refueling and recharging facilities grows. The goal of this project is to explore methods to determine the location of recharging facilities. The project is sponsored by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (a state agency), but will look at these facilities more generally.

These locations are likely to be affected by multiple factors, such as: the proximity to specific fuel distribution networks; the proximity to major road networks; a choice of vehicle and fueling capacity of the facility, the distance between facilties, or the travel distance expected among vehicles fueled at the facility; and, the emerging demand profile in time and space for the facility. There has been considerable research in this area over the past 10 years.

For this project, we wish to look more holistically at a variety of transport vehicles and modes. This approach would include traditional private cars and light trucks, but also a variety of trucks across the freight distribution and supply chain, as well as buses and other forms of e-mobility. In this broad context, the challenge of siting refueling and recharging infrastructure is clearly multi-dimensional. These dimensions will form a critical part of this analysis, and should guide the research going forward.

A working knowledge of life cycle assessment, network analysis and/or network science and geographic information systems would be of benefit to someone working on this project.


You must meet the entry requirements for a higher degree by research.

This scholarship is open to Australian citizens, permanent residents and International students who are currently in Australia at the time of application and commencement.


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$28,597 per annum (2021 rate), indexed annually.


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Before submitting an application you should:

  • check your eligibility
  • prepare your documentation
  • contact Professor Mark Hickman (m.hickman1@uq.edu.au) to discuss your suitability for this scholarship

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