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With over 130 years of history, and ranked in the top 10 Japanese universities, the University of Tsukuba has a long and proud history as one of Japan's premier educational institutions. In this section, we want to introduce the history, present and future of the University, and explain why we think Tsukuba is one of the best places to study in Japan.

The University provides a limited number of scholarships for high performing students.

Currently, approximately 30% of incoming first year English undergraduate program students receive a Tsukuba Scholarship. In later years, students which distinguish themselves academically will be eligible for the Tsukuba Scholarship.

A wide variety of other scholarships are also available, such as the Japan Student Service Association (JASSO). The JASSO scholarship pays 48,000 yen per month. Generally, students who do not receive the Tsukuba Scholarship enjoy a high rate of success in first year. Please note that the JASSO scholarship is not available for Japanese dual nationals (however, dual nationals can take advantage of JASSO loans and other finance options offered to Japanese students)


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For students entering our undergraduate English program, the first year Tsukuba Scholarship comes with a 100,000 yen travel allowance and a 60,000 yen per month stipend. As first year is only 1 semester, the scholarship lasts 7 months.

Second through fourth year undergraduate Tsukuba Scholarships are also available. These scholarships pay 60,000 yen per month, and last for 12 months.

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