Unique WORK & MASTER Talent Fellowship

  • Salary from study job plus financial support from the Danish State.
  • Deadline: March 1, 2018
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The Danish Tech industry is one of the fastest growing worldwide. By 2030, there will be 19.000 open positions for IT-specialist. The Talent Fellowship program offers a unique entry point into this dynamic work force as it combines the International Master’s Degree Program of SDU with a study job in the Danish Tech industry.



BA in Computer Science finished before June 1st 2018. Documented English skills.

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SDU Talent Fellowship offers:

·         Enrolment in the Master's Degree program in Computer Science

·         A study job (12 hours per week) at a Danish technology company. If you are from the EU, this makes you eligible for getting further financial support for your studies from the Danish State. Read more here: www.su.dk.

·         Career counselling for your future.

·         Access to an exclusive international company network and social events.

·         An accommodation guarantee if you don't already live in Odense.


Apply here: www.sdu.dk/en/stf

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