UCL IRDR Masters Scholarship 1a for Overseas Students

  • Master
  • £12,000 towards tuition fees
  • 27 April 2018

The IRDR are delighted to announce four new scholarship awards for overseas fee paying MSc and MRes students in the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction for academic year 2018/19. All of these scholarships are awarded as a reduction in overseas full-time student fees, and are open to students applying to any of the following programmes:

MSc in Risk Disaster and ResilienceMSc in Risk and Disaster ScienceMSc in Space Risk and Disaster ReductionMRes in Risk and Disaster Reduction


Overseas fee paying student.


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£12,000 towards tuition fees


Applications should be sent to irdr-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk and must have the exact email subject title of “UCL IRDR Masters Scholarship Application”.

The application should be completed on A4 size pages, with minimum margins of 2cm and written in Arial font size 11, comprising:

A 1 page CV, which should include details of the candidate’s education and grades, any relevant work experience and any relevant publications or outputs.

A 1 page personal statement, which should include a summary of why you think that you should be considered for the scholarship and how you will benefit from receiving it. The IRDR promotes students becoming leaders in knowledge exchange so that they can share their knowledge within their sectors and with stakeholders. Therefore, the personal statement should include a statement of how you intend to use the degree in your future career. This section should also include: Other funding awards confirmed or pending for your Masters study at UCL IRDR.

No additional materials should be submitted with the application.

Full details: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/rdr/irdr/general-news/announcement-of-ucl-irdr-masters-scholarships-2018-19

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