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  • Deadline: October 31, 2018
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Make your idea change the world

Are you looking for an opportunity that gives you a hands-on approach to learning? Or are did you already find it? Either case, this opportunity is for you.

Whether you are studying a university degree, a bachelor, or you are still in school, we want you to provide you with a unique opportunity to learn and live to the utmost while studying!

The online world is constantly growing and with it the number of students that decide to get involved in it. We are aware of the change and we want to contribute to it as much as possible.

For this reason, Trendhim, a Danish fashion company, is determined to invest its resources to prepare students in wide areas of interest. The online world is part of nearly everything nowadays, and a degree In one of its areas of study can lead to anywhere!

If you dream of studying fashion, marketing, sales, IT, administration or something related to the online and fashion world, Trendhim wants to help you. Aiming to develop the areas they focus on, they are offering a 2000 euros scholarship you can take advantage of once a year.

Trendhim aims to raise standards in the online world. Therefore, in order to be considered your education or project must be related somehow to the online and fashion world.

However, why does a fashion online shop offer a scholarship? Well, they want students to get involved in Trendhim’s culture and what they do. Thus, investing in education is the best way of making experts out of every student that access the scholarship opportunity.


All students in fashion, marketing, IT, sales, administration or something related to the online world and what they do in Trendhim. Ph.D. students can also apply for the scholarship.

The scholarship is available worldwide, there are no favorite nationalities nor nationalities that can participate. Everyone who is studying something related to the online world can have access to the scholarship. No matter if you are a British student living the American dream, you can still win!

This also means that there aren’t any restrictions regarding where the student is studying – studying abroad will be valued equally as studying in your home country.

To sum up, in case it wasn’t clear enough – Trendhim wants everyone, from everywhere, studying anywhere as long as the study is related to the online world and can contribute somehow in Trendhim’s culture.


As mentioned, the scholarship aims to improve the students' knowledge and make them experienced in their fields of study. Therefore it will cover costs for educational purposes.

Such as for example travel expenses, conferences fees, diets or school fees.

What you are going to use the scholarship for, would we one of the most valuable aspects to be considered when choosing a winner. Trendhim will know if you are the ideal candidate for them depending on what you want to use the scholarship money for, among other things.

Trendhim doesn’t have an ideal candidate. Everyone whose idea could change the world can be an ideal candidate.

All change and improvement will be valued in the same way. All Trendhim asks for is motivated students who will help them make fashion and the online world better.

Thus, this scholarship gives you the chance to explore your ideas and make them happen.

You don’t have to have the best idea, of a fully formed goal, Trendhim will take into account your idea and the benefits that your idea could have for everyone. If you have a good idea, they will help you better achieve your big goals for your idea.


The scholarship is available once per year. In order for your applications to be considered it needs to be sent no later than 31st of October. November 15th, the winner will be notified. There might be more than one winner, depending on the projects and the ideas submitted.

We expect you to submit a proposal in which you clearly explain what the funds will cover, along with a budget. Name, address, and telephone number must be included. Submit your proposal to before November 1, 2018.

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