Three One-Time £500 Creative Student Scholarships!

  • PHD, Master, Bachelor, Course
  • £500
  • 31 August 2022

Our company believes that creativity is what makes the world such a beautiful place. And sometimes, we are more creative than we realize. We don't have to make a career out of your creativity, but we can spread our creative mind through music, drawing, writing or even cooking!

We want to support creative students, inspire them to spread their thoughts, their creations. That’s why we want to give three students £500 scholarships, so they can afford to pursue their dreams.

More information about this scholarship can be found here:


Persons currently holding a legal student status in one of the Universities or Colleges in United Kingdom.

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Students will be able to spend the scholarship they have won according to their needs. It can be financial help to make a dream come true, to buy a long-needed item, or the money can be used just for entertainment.


Applicants must complete one of the following 3 creative tasks:

  1. Produce a piece of art featuring coffee:
  • Original piece of art which must include/be made of coffee (in any form)
  • Anything goes, including but not limited to: coffee painting, an object constructed from used coffee pods, coffee bean art, etc. (you can send us the photo, video, etc. representing your art).
  1. Write an essay about coffee:
  • Original content and text
  • At least 1000 words
  • Topic: independently chosen subject
  • Format: free format, for example, it could be an educational or creative writing, but also works a strong research, industry news on a particular topic, etc. (don't forget to add the links to important sources you taking data, examples, numbers, etc.).
  1. Create a recipe with coffee as one of the ingredients:
  • Original recipe
  • Can be a coffee drink recipe or any other recipe for a dish or beverage that features coffee as an ingredient.

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