The Zdenek Bakala Foundation’s SCHOLARSHIP

    We give scholarships to young Czechs or Czech residents living and studying in the Czech Republic who are looking for an academic experience that will enrich them intellectually and propel them towards achieving their goals. The Foundation supports students who want more from studying abroad than language immersion and cultural exchange – we look for students who don’t just want to experience; they want to accomplish.

    We aim to find the most ambitious and accomplished students, those who constantly strive to reach their goals – which include being educated by the best in their field. While university rankings may inform our decision, as universities don’t rank highly without reason, we aren’t here only to give straight-A students access to the Ivy League. Instead, we expect students to assess both their strengths and ambitions to find the program that would best foster their intellectual and personal growth. Ultimately, we are here to help our students reach their goals.

    Much of the financial aid we provide goes to high school students endeavoring to make their undergraduate education as challenging (and rewarding) as possible. We also give scholarships to ambitious university graduates looking to advance even further by means of a top-notch graduate program.

    The selected students are not simply given a partial scholarship and left to fend for themselves later. Instead, we provide support for the duration of the program, making us unique among scholarship foundations. At the end of each academic year, scholarship recipients must demonstrate that they are working hard to make the most of their opportunity. As long as they’re moving towards their goals, their academic achievement won’t be cut short just because of money.

    Our mission is to give intelligent, determined young people the opportunity to better themselves academically and, in turn, to achieve their goals, so we do not attach specific requirements to the support we give. However, because being actively engaged with the community reflects qualities we look for in our applicants, we do hope that scholarship recipients will choose to do charity work not only while at university, but for the rest of their lives.


    Only applicants who meet the following criteria can apply:

    • citizen of the Czech Republic or citizen of other country with permanent residency permit for the Czech Republic
    • not older than 33 years of age (by May 31st, 2015)
    • applying for undergraduate or graduate degree at university outside of the Czech Republic
    • completed online application including submission of two recommendation letters


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    Your scholarship is contingent upon your being accepted to the university. The actual amount you receive depends both on the tuition at the time you begin your studies and all other financial aid you receive. Our decision regarding the reimbursement of further costs may be adjusted to your situation at the time you are accepted.

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