The Washington DC Alumni Chapter Scholarship

    The Washington DC Alumni Chapter Scholarship aims to promote awareness of the Graduate Institute in the United States and help the Institute attract graduate students of a high callibre. The Chapter Scholarship is for a first year master’s or doctoral student, irrespective of nationality, entering into studies at the Institute from a university in the USA; will be awarded based on academic achievement with economic need as a secondary criterion.


    There are no restrictions on the section or field of study.
    1. The Institute awards entrance scholarships and in-course scholarships. In-course
    scholarships are only awarded to students respecting the deadlines set out by the Institute Regulations for their study programme.
    1. Scholarships are awarded or renewed on the basis of academic achievement, and take account of financial need (except in the case of tuition scholarships).
    2. Candidates who receive financial assistance from another source, which exceeds the cumulative amount provided for in Article 8, are not eligible for a full Institute scholarship.
    3. Students holding a teaching assistant position at the Institute or the University of Geneva are not eligible for an Institute scholarship.
    4. Scholarship holders wishing to accept gainful employment during the academic year are required to choose between this employment and the full scholarship. They may accept both concurrently provided the total amount received does not exceed by more than 10,000.- Swiss francs the amount of the full scholarship.
    5. Only candidates to the Graduate Institute’s regular Master and PhD programmes are eligible to apply
    6. Scholarship allocation is based on academic merit and financial needs
    7. Merit is evaluated through the application for admission. Financial needs are assessed by reviewing the applicant’s sources of income and asset information.
    8. Scholarships are awarded for one year, their renewal is not automatic and will depend on the review of all applications submitted to the Scholarship Committee the following year.

    To apply for the renewal of a full scholarship, Master’s students must have achieved a grade point average of at least 4.75 per semester or academic year in their first year of study. For PhD students, eligibility will depend on the student making good progress in his/her research, duly confirmed by the respective thesis director.


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    The scholarship is for CHF 18,000 and is not renewable.

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