The Organic Aromas $1000 Aromatherapy Scholarship

  • Course
  • $1000 usd tuition towards becoming a Certified Aromatherapist
  • 1 September 2018

This year we are offering one thousand dollars for the winner to put toward acquiring a level 1 or 2 (or commensurate accreditation) professional aromatherapy certification from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (or alternative accredited schools in your country such as IFA, CFA, ANTA, etc).


This scholarship is open to anyone enrolled at the graduate or pre-graduate level in ANY field with an interest in health and wellness, aromatherapy and the potential therapeutic benefits of essential oils. We also welcome Vocational School students to submit applications.


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The selected winner will receive $1000 put towards tuition to become a certified aromatherapist.


Write a Short Essay - Applicants are required to write a minimum 500 word essay on how essential oils can help improve the physical and mental well-being in our everyday lives. We encourage you to use factual evidence and site scientific research to support your article. Our goal is to give people a better understanding of the benefits and uses of essential oils and how they can impact our lives.Share a Story - Tell us how you have used or could have used aromatherapy and essential oils to improve your lifestyle or the lives of others. If you are new to aromatherapy then perhaps you can share an experience that led you to learn and discover more about the power of essential oils and aromatherapy.Personal Bio – Write a paragraph about yourself and share your field of study, current university, career direction and future goals. Include any hobbies or fun things you like to pass your time.

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