Scholarship Program

  • Bachelor, Master, Phd
  • 2 awards per year of $1,500 each
  • 1 December 2017

Every year tens of thousands of high school students graduate and wish to pursue higher education in our university systems. Unfortunately, the costs of attending college can be overwhelming. Statistics demonstrate that only 52.9 percent of enrolled students graduate. Many of those graduates fail to continue with their studies simply because the financial requirements are too burdensome. We believe that every candidate for a post-secondary degree should be entitled to advancing their education and in turn their careers. Scholarships tend to be available to individuals that demonstrate a specific talent, interest in a select area of study, have obtained superlative grades or scores on subjective bases or are members of an underrepresented group. We will offer two scholarship opportunities per year to deserving recipients regardless of field of study, national origin, race or any other arbitrary factor. Applicant must be currently enrolled or have been accepted to a state university.


Currently enrolled or accepted to a state university.


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