Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Bachelor
  • 30 April 2017

Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) in PR China would like to offer undergraduate scholarships to 200 outstanding students from Southeast Asian Region in the academic year 2017.

To improve its educational influence in the region in an overall way and to attract more students from all over the world, SYSU has setup the “Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students”.

SunYat-sen University (SYSU) is an important base for conducting scientific research, inheriting cultural and academic traditions and training high-level talents in South China. Being one of the leading universities in China and the world, SYSU is a comprehensive multidisciplinary university.


  • Applicants shall be non-Chinese with Southeast Asian citizens, hold a valid foreign passport, and meet relevant requirements for international students in China;
  • Be healthy, friendly towards China, law-abiding, studious and well-conducted, without any records of violation of Chinese laws, regulations or school rules.
  • Applicants shall be graduates from high school, with their high school grades ranking among the top; otherwise, applicants shall display excellence in social services, sports, music, other cultural activities or leadership. Specific standards can be recommended or developed by recommendation institutions in accordance with the education of the country, and shall be put on record at SYSU.
  • Language Proficiency: Liberal Arts, Economics and Managerial Science Majors: HSK 5 Certificate (with 180 points or above); Science, Engineering and Medical Science Majors: HSK 4 Certificate (with 180 points or above). The scholarship recipients without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take Chinese preparatory course for one academic year. Upon the completion of the preparatory course and the satisfaction of the language entry requirements, he or she will enter the undergraduate programme.
  • Applicants are required to obtain a recommendation letter issued by recommending institutions.


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Liberal Arts, Economics and Managerial Science Majors: RMB56,000yuan/person/academic year (including tuition fee RMB26,000yuan/ person/academic year and living allowance RMB 30,000yuan/person/academic year) (2) Science and Engineering Majors: RMB63,800yuan/person/academic year (including tuition fee RMB33,800 yuan/person/academic year and living allowance RMB 30,000yuan/person/academic year) (3) Medical Science Majors: RMB78,000yuan/person/academic year (including tuition fee RMB48,000yuan/ person/academic year and living allowance RMB 30,000yuan/person/academic year) The living allowance will be granted to the recipient via his or her bank account in one lump sum after registration. Tuition fee will be waived, but the scholarship recipients are required to pay fees in accordance with the standard of the self-supported students (including accommodation, insurance and other expenses). The recipients shall be also responsible for the visa application and the round-trip air ticket.


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