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The dual purpose of Summer Research Scholarships is to give university students experience in research, to encourage them to pursue postgraduate study, and to support staff research.

Students are expected to conduct a research project of approximately 10 weeks duration (400 hours) under the supervision of an academic staff member.
You'll gain and practise research skills under individual supervision. Experiences gained in previous scholarships have included:

Exposure to authentic case studies.
   Participation in project meetings.
   Practice in data collection, analysis, literature reviews, interviewing techniques, and mind mapping.
    Learning to use specialised software.
    Acquiring specialist laboratory and presentation skills.

The research experience adds significant value to your CV and will improve your career opportunities — in some cases even leading to a career in research.


To be eligible for a Summer Research Scholarship, you must have:

Completed year two of an undergraduate degree.
   A Grade Point Average at or above the required GPA to be eligible for postgraduate study in their discipline.
    A clearly defined project and a suitable supervisor willing to supervise the project (we encourage you to discuss potential projects with staff members).


The value of each scholarship is $5,000.

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