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Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) was established in 1982, and the first Sultan Qaboos University students were enrolled in 1986. The University commenced with five colleges namely: Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Education and Science. Furthermore, the College of Arts was established in 1987, following the College of Commerce and Economics which was developed in 1993. The College of Law joined the University in 2006, and finally the College of Nursing was established in 2008.
SQU supports higher education through providing scholarships to encourage students to join the high academic caliber to postgraduate programs. In addition, the University offers skills enhancement of courses and workshops to develop faculty and students’ skills related to research, publishing, supervising and professionalism.


Scholarship Criteria in Applying for PhD Degree
  1.  Filling out the required admission application form

  1.  Fulfilling the postgraduate program’s admission requirements (Unconditional acceptance(

Scholarship Criteria in Applying for a Master's Degree
  1.  Filling out the required admission application form

  1.  Fulfilling the postgraduate program’s admission requirements (Unconditional acceptance(

  1.  Having a bachelor degree with a CGPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4-point scale

  1.  All candidates for full scholarship must be full-time students

  1.  Applying for “exemption from tuition fees scholarships is limited to students who have not been admitted to a postgraduate program before

Students already enrolled in a postgraduate program may apply for full scholarships if they have completed one semester but have not registered for the second (if available).
General Provisions:
  1.  Satisfying the criteria of the scholarship and getting a full admission to the program doesn’t mean necessarily granting the applicant scholarship.

  1.  Applicants to scholarship must bring all the requirements by the end of the first week of classes

  1.  A contract is drawn with the scholarship recipients (Masters, PhD) specifying in details his/her rights, privileges and duties

  1.  Scholarship recipients will abide by the laws of the University and any executive regulations postgraduate studies and scientific research or any other decisions based on the law and regulations mentioned.


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The University offers 2 types of postgraduate scholarships annually: ‱ Exemption from tuition fees scholarships (for Master’s program only) ‱ Full scholarships (for Master’s and PhD). The postgraduate scholarships (Master’s and PhD) are offered mostly in all colleges in different specializations. Doctoral programs are offered in 28 different specializations from five colleges. Privileges of Full Scholarship Recipients:  1. Exemption from tuition fees. This exemption, however, does not cover housing, transportation, food, academic references, and any other fees required by the University. 2. Recipients of scholarship receive a monthly stipend of RO 250 for Master’s students and RO 350 for PhD students for the duration of their scholarships. 3. Recipients of scholarships can use the University libraries, laboratories and computers in accordance with SQU regulations. 4. Recipients of scholarships are entitled to receive medical care in the SQU Hospital during the period of their scholarship in accordance with SQU regulations. 5. Non-Omani and Arab Gulf students may be accompanied by their spouses and children in accordance with the laws regulating the residency of expatriates in the Sultanate. 6. Recipients of scholarships are entitled to a maximum of 36 days without pay per annum, subject to the approval of the head of department (HoD). 7. Non-Omani recipients of scholarships shall receive one economy class ticket to the nearest international airport to his/her residence annually upon obtaining the approval from his/her head of department.

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