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Throughout its history, people have regarded the United States as the land of opportunity, and this is true too for visiting students today. Studying in USA with ISEP can help perfect your English skills, give you a range of academic topics to study to complete your degree, and help build your résumé. A semester in the U.S. offers not only a great education, but also an experience of a lifetime. You’ll see firsthand the diversity of the States with its beautiful landscapes and national parks, lively, multicultural cities and welcoming, friendly people.

ISEP is a worldwide network for international education, consisting of over 300 member universities in the United States and over 50 other countries. ISEP is a nonprofit membership organization providing affordable study abroad and exchange options for over 40,000 students since 1979.

Each ISEP member university designates a staff member to be the ISEP Coordinator. Your on-campus ISEP Coordinator will advise you and help you through the application and placement process. There will also be an ISEP Coordinator at the host university who will help with your academic and housing arrangements, provide an on-site orientation, and serve as your local resource.

The ISEP Staff in Washington, DC evaluate students’ applications, make placements, and facilitate the exchange process by serving as the communication link between the ISEP Coordinators in the U.S. and around the world. ISEP also sends the transcript from your host to home university.

You can study at one of the over 140 member universities in the United States. If your university participates inInternational-to-International ISEP-Exchanges, there are over 30 additional countries to choose from. See the Directory (top right) or Search for a Program for details.

The ISEP experience is a unique opportunity to really learn about another country through immersion in the host culture. Students are fully integrated in the host university, and typically enroll in the same courses and live similarly to the student of that country. Students on ISEP programs welcome the differences and challenges that life in another culture brings, and have the maturity and flexibility to succeed in a more independent type of study abroad program.


ISEP programs are available for students who have completed at least one year of university coursework. Students must also demonstrate the personal maturity needed to study abroad, which is evaluated by your essays and professor recommendations. If you are not a native speaker of the host language, you must also demonstrate proficiency in the language. Your home university may have additional requirements.

If you speak another language, there are many possibilities awaiting you. To study in the host language with other native students, you should have taken at least 2 years of college-level language courses (or be a native speaker), and feel very comfortable speaking, reading, and writing in that language.

For study in the USA, most universities require proof of language proficiency through a test such as TOEFL or IELTS. See English Language Requirements for more information.


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SEP is one of the most affordable ways to study abroad. Please see your international office for details. ISEP has two types of programs with different fee structures:  ISEP-Exchanges allow you to pay your regular home university tuition, housing and meal fees, and then take the place of a university student abroad; an international student will take your place at your home university. A non-refundable $395* fee is required with your application. ISEP-Direct programs are only available for certain ISEP destinations, and students pay an affordable, established program fee directly to ISEP instead of exchanging places with an international student. A non-refundable $395* fee is required with your application; the program fee is invoiced one month before departure. Please see the ISEP-Direct sites for complete details.

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