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Stipends from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation are an instrument used to support highly qualified individual junior scholars that have doctoral degrees in a research project over a limited period of time. They are to be offered the opportunity to fully concentrate on the research project they have selected with the help of a post-doc stipend.
Applications for stipends can be submitted at any time. An answer is generally provided within eight weeks.


To be able to apply for a research stipend, the doctoral degree procedure must have been completed with the defense of the work (disputation) or doctoral viva (Rigorosum); a (preliminary) degree certificate is to be submitted. The applicant should generally not have received his or her doctoral degree more than one or two years previously. The planned project should generally comprise a period of one to two years. The stipend should be associated with a scholarly project that is independent of any outside influence and be based on individual initiative and be carried out at a school of higher learning or at a non-profit research facility. No stipends are awarded for doctoral dissertations or “Habilitationen” (post-doctoral research) or to complete such works to follow up support through other institutions; nor can stipends be applied for to support students at the bachelor's or master's level. The foundation generally does not accept any applications for projects if applications are being filed with other institutions offering support at the same time to ease the burden on its experts assessing applications. An application that is refused by another institution can be filed with the foundation along with a note explaining why it was refused.


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The stipend is made up of a basic payment and additional payments.
The basic payment irrespective of age is € 1,700 per month. The stipend holder may earn up to € 500 a month from additional part-time academic work without this affecting the calculation of the basic payment.
To cover material and travel costs (e.g. for books, information visits to other working groups) directly connected to the academic work, a lump sum allowance of € 100 per month can be awarded as additional payment. Significant special expenses beyond this can only be considered if applied for in advance.
A grant can be awarded for travel expenses to the place of the academic work up to the amount of the costs actually incurred, which should not exceed 2nd class for rail travel and economy class for air travel. Price reductions should be made use of wherever possible.
In the case of travel abroad, the daily or monthly rates for the respective country of travel can be applied for to defray overnight accommodation and meal costs.
For continuing financial commitments, in justified cases (e.g. if the stipend holder cannot be accompanied by his or her family to the location of the academic work) an application can be submitted for the payment of an appropriate subsidy towards these commitments (e.g. rent) of up to € 200 per month.

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