Sponsorship of Foreign Scholarship Holders

    Support is provided over the regular duration of studies. Besides completed BA studies or basic study stage, enrolment at a German higher education institution is the main prerequisite for application. As language courses are not sponsored, applicants must already have a good command of German. And it must be evident that the student intends to return home after completing his or her academic studies.


    Target Group
    Prerequisites for a grant include very high academic achievements and a demonstrable pronounced social commitment in the sense of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS). Applicants are required to be studying within the standard period of study and should not have exceeded 30 years of age at the time of commencement of the award, justified exceptions are possible.
    Application Requirements
    Requirements for sponsorship of foreign higher education students (all requirements have to be fulfilled):
    • Registration at a state or state approved higher education institution in Germany
    • Completed BA or completed stage I studies (sponsorship during a Diplom, Magister, Master or state examination course is only possible during stage II studies, B.A. courses are not sponsored)
    • Very good study achievements
    • Social commitment in the sense of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
    • Very good knowledge of German (proof of language acquisition) - no German language courses are sponsored!

    Specific sponsorship of the final completion of a course of study cannot be granted. A (career-integrated) part-time course of academic study cannot be sponsored.


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    • students receive a monthly base sum of up to EUR 670, which is individually calculated following the BAföG regulations and depends on parental income or own/spouse's assets or earnings. Additionally, a book allowance of EUR 300 per month is granted, independent of income, and family- and child allowances, where applicable
    • stays abroad may be subsidised through international allowances following the BAföG regulations and, where applicable, contributions to travel expenses, tuition fees, foreign health insurance and a fixed-term foreign residence allowance
    • non-material support, such as seminars, events, networking meetings

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