Social and Behavioural Sciences Excellence Scholarship at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, 2017

  • Master
  • 1 February 2017

The Social and Behavioural Sciences Excellence Scholarship offers a number of highly talented prospective students the opportunity to pursue a degree in one of the following two-year English taught Master’s programmes. EU/EAA and Non-EU/EAA students are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
This scholarship programme is highly selective. Only candidates showing the highest achievement and promise may receive a scholarship. The scholarship is provided by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University. Approximately 16 scholarships are awarded per year.
Utrecht University is a university in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe.


Eligible candidates are selected for a scholarship on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Their academic excellence and promise in the proposed field of study;
  • The academic quality and results of the preceding education, as evidenced, for example, by grades, test scores, publications, letters of recommendation;
  • The quality and relevance of the motivation letter (academic content, intercultural and communication skills, personal motivation);
  • The quality of the application itself (completeness, accuracy, consistency).

In order to be considered for this scholarship you should:
  • have a non-Dutch nationality;
  • hold a non-Dutch Secondary education degree;
  • have been admitted to one of the two years Master’s programmes mentioned above;
  • be able to comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa if applicable.

  • Failure to meet one or more of these criteria automatically means the student is not eligible for this scholarship.


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 Scholarship offers:
  • For EU/EAA students: 10.500 euro living expenses per year (max 2 years). Please take note: the statutory tuition fees for EU/EAA students (2016-2017: € 1.984) is not covered.
  • For non-EU/EAA students: 10.500 euro living expenses per year (max 2 years) + waiver for the institutional tuition fees for non-EU/EAA students (For 2016-2017, institutional fees will be decided on before 1 December 2015). Please take note: the statutory tuition fees (2016-2017: € 1.984) is not covered in this waiver. As one of the requirements for being granted a residence permit in the Netherlands, students from abroad must prove to the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Office) that they have sufficient financial means.


Fill the form if you want to apply for the Social and Behavioural Sciences Excellence Scholarship. Before you do so, please check if you are eligible for the scholarship. If you wish to be considered for the scholarship then you have to apply for admission to the programme and for the scholarship before 1 February 2017.
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