Scholarships for the Vienna PhD School of Informatics

    The Vienna PhD School of Informatics involves an intense period of supervised study and research, culminating in the submission of a thesis. The duration of the PhD School is three years. The degree is awarded to candidates who, through original investigation, make a distinct and significant contribution to knowledge in their field of specialisation.

    TU Vienna aims at positioning this PhD School of Informatics at a high level of excellence within the international community. The vision is to increase both the quality and the quantity of excellent young researchers in the field of informatics.

    The PhD school intends to generate scientists who...

    • have broad knowledge and expertise in the domain (breadth) as well as contribute to the development of the sciences (depth) through autonomous research
    • gain new scientific insight and present this comprehensively
    • gain the ability to solve complex scientific problems in both fundamental and applied research at a high international level according to accepted scientific standards.


    In addition to their academic qualifications and practical experience, students will be expected to show evidence of their interest in the course and research programme, as well as an understanding of the demands of postgraduate study.

    Also, students must provide evidence of adequate English language qualifications. Scholarships for the Vienna PhD School of Informatics are available for Austrian as well as international students.

    Students working at TU Vienna are encouraged to apply, up to a defined number. However, they are excluded from funding.

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    • Scholarship of EUR 1000 per month to cover the cost of living; travel expenses for e.g. attending conferences or summer schools will also be covered, upon approval.
    • No tuition fees have to be paid by these holders of scholarships.
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