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SavingsFree $1000 Anuual Student Scholarship 2018

Education is one of the basic requirements which can guarantee the bright future of a whole nation. In order to provide the needy students with enough means to carry out their study uninterruptedly, SavingsFree.com has started this initiative. We will be accepting applications throughout the whole year and the scholarship winners will get a $1000 cheque deposited into their respective institutions provided the institutions are located in the United States. 


Full-time enrollment at any American college or university. Must have an exceptional academic performance. Involvement in extra-curricular activities, a plus point and not mandatory. Candidate, less than 18 years must have the permission letter from their parents or guardians. 

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Following are the benefits the awardees are going to avail:1. Semester-wise tuition scholarship worth $1000. 2. Continuation of scholarship if the exceptional academic performance in maintained in the previous semester. 


Fill out the application form available. Write your name, current school or institution you will be attending during xxx academic year, and a valid email address. Must include your phone number, name, and email address for the references that can identify your credentials as a viable applicant for the scholarship. Using answers to properly describe your to apply for scholarship such as: 1.Ways you can help your chances to win the scholarship? The candidate must answer all questions in the questionnaire in the questionnaire section. The desired college/ university must be located within the United States.

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