Sad Foundation Scholarships

    The Scholarships Programme provides students and young professionals, recognised for their leadership potential, with educational and training opportunities that will help their career development, will enable them to achieve impact in their professional fields and ultimately to bring benefits to others in their countries of origin. These opportunities generally take the form of postgraduate scholarships at Masters and (exceptionally) PhD levels at UK universities; though other professional development opportunities are also occasionally provided.
    The Programme started in 1984 and has supported over 750 students, many of whom have contributed to the development of their professional sectors in the Middle East. Our growing body of alumni boasts leading health and development professionals, educators, business people, lawyers, engineers, environmentalists, artists and architects.
    The Foundation hopes that its scholars will form a growing network of influence, contributing to the achievement of positive and lasting change in professional sectors that are considered a priority for helping the development of their countries.


    All applicants must meet the Foundation’s scholarship eligibility criteria. For the academic year 2015/16 the criteria are as follows:
    1. Applications are restricted to candidates who are Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian or Palestinian (including Palestinians inside Israel);
    1. Applications for study at universities outside the United Kingdom cannot be considered;
    1. Scholarships are offered for postgraduate courses of up to one year’s duration. In exceptional circumstances, applications for two year postgraduate courses may be considered. Applications from PhD candidates can only be considered for Oxford and Cambridge universities (see Guidance Notes for Applicants to Oxford and Cambridge for eligibility criteria);
    1. Applications from candidates who will be thirty five years old or more at the beginning of the 2015/16 academic year cannot be considered;
    1. Evidence that the applicant meets his/her proposed university’s English language conditions is required by the Foundation;
    1. Only candidates with the equivalent of a UK 2.1 degree or higher will be eligible;
    1. Applicants must give details of the courses for which they have applied in the UK;
    1. Successful applicants are required to sign a binding undertaking to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in one of the Foundation's target countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine);
    1. Candidates are not required to have work experience but priority will be given to those who have some work experience and who can demonstrate that their studies will benefit their field of work on return to the Middle East. If the applicant lacks work experience the Foundation can consider experience gained from voluntary or community activities or participation in activities whilst at university;
    1. Applicants are required to demonstrate that they have the potential to be leaders in their field.


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    The Said Foundation offers twenty postgraduate scholarships annually to outstanding individuals who demonstrate the potential to become leaders and innovators of change.
    Scholarships are primarily offered for one year postgraduate courses but in exceptional circumstances it may be possible to consider applicants for two year courses
    The Foundation also offers, exceptionally, one or two PhD/DPhil scholarships a year at Oxford and Cambridge universities only. There are different eligibility criteria for these awards. For full details of Oxford and Cambridge scholarships see “Guidance Notes for Applicants to Oxford and Cambridge” on the Said Foundation website.

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