Riigi Kinnisvara As Scholarship “Future Leaders”

  • PHD, Master, Bachelor
  • One off payment of EUR 2000, 3000, or 5,000
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The Future Leaders Scholarship from Riigi Kinnisvara AS is intended for successful TalTech bachelor’s, master’s or doctor’s study students, who meet the requirements.

This is a scholarship by

Tallinn University of Technology

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• Matriculated at TalTech and not on academic leave as at the moment of submitting the application;

• Weighted average grade 3.5;

• An active attitude to life and a fan of his/her area of specialisation, aiming to become a top specialist in the field;

• Plans to explore one of the following areas in their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral thesis: knowledge-based and digital construction and its management; environmental impact and sustainability of buildings; energy performance, indoor climate, and services systems of buildings; property maintenance and digitisation; design and development of public spaces; design of working environments;

• Willingness to introduce the dissertation in AS Riigi Kinnisvara and leave a copy of the dissertation for the company;

• A possibility of cooperating with Riigi Kinnisvara AS (incl. paid internship option); the exact form of the collaboration would depend on an agreement between the scholarship recipient and the sponsor.

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The amount of the scholarship is 2000 euros for bachelor’s students, 3000 euros for master’s students and 5000 euros for doctoral students. The scholarship shall be paid out in one lump sump payment. The Development Fund reserves the right to deduct administrative expenses of up to 10% from the scholarship.


The scholarship shall be applied for and awarded by way of public competition. The competition shall be announced via various information channels of TalTech and in at least one nationally distributed daily newspaper.

In order to apply for the scholarship, applicants shall have to submit the following (digitally signed) to the Management Board of the Development Fund:

• A motivation letter in which the applicant explains how he/she meets the established requirements;

• Curriculum Vitae;

• Confirmation of readiness to meet with Riigi Kinnivara AS for a five-minute elevator pitch, during which the applicant introduces their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral thesis project.

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