Research scholarships

    With our Research Scholarship Program we are also able to give financial support to especially well qualified graduate students even outside our structured doctorate programs. Apart from financial benefits, an interdisciplinary and personal development excellence program is offered to the scholarship holders. The legal basis for the support is the Bavarian Elite Aid Act (BayEFG).

    The graduate scholarships are distributed by Universität Bayern e.V. The selection procedure is conducted in good time, before the beginning of the summer or winter semester, as appropriate. Application for a research scholarship can be submitted at almost any time.


    Are you interested in a Research Scholarship? Please contact the scholarship department or the office of the vice-chancellor at your university. The scholarship department will also provide you with application forms and information about the next application deadline.

    The universities are responsible for the pre-selection of applications. They pass on the successful candidates to Universität Bayern e.V., which takes the final decisions on who is to be awarded a scholarship.

    Nota bene: Until further notice the Elite Network of Bavaria will not pass out any new Research Scholarships.

    Details of the application

    The nomination from the supervising academic is to be supplemented with

    • a work program showing the content and timetable for the PhD project or the research project,

    • two subject-related opinions by different lecturers/professors about why the project is particularly worthy of support,

    • the diploma which certifies the general qualification for university entrance and the diploma which certifies the university degree,

    • in the case of PhD projects, a description of the existing doctorate mentoring program by the supervising lecturer/professor,

    • information on the desired beginning and duration of the scholarship.

    The subject-related expert opinions on why the project is particulary worthy of support should contain information on

    • the personality of the applicant

    • the quality and relevance of the research project and its work program showing the content and timetable

    • the quality of the scientific setting into which the research project fits

    • in the case of a PhD project the type and quality of the structured doctorate mentoring program.


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    The research scholarship holders receive assistance with their living costs in the form of a monthly stipend. The basic sum is 1.050 Euros for graduate students. A family allowance of up to 154 Euros can be granted upon request on the condition that the scholarship holder shares care and custody of at least one child with his/her unemployed partner or on the condition that the scholarship holder is the single parent of at least one child. If the scholarship holder's own income exceeds an allowance of 350 Euros, then the financial benefits will be reduced by the amount of the excess. The scholarship will be paid at the end of each month, the amount being rounded up to the nearest whole Euro. There is no payment of amounts below 50 Euros. If the research project is interrupted, the payment of the scholarship will be suspended.

    Additional benefits

    Apart from the scholarship and the participation in a special event program, the research scholarship holders may receive a special allowance for the costs of materials (printing costs excluded) and travel if these are necessary for the research project and the scholarship holder cannot be expected to meet them. Travel costs will be paid for a time span of up to three months.

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