Rapid Access to Medical Specialists Scholarship/Bursary

  • $100-$1000 (varies)
  • Deadline: October 31, 2017
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Our company believes in investing towards the future -- and students play a huge role in that. We believe that character, leadership, and being part of the community is just as important as education. This year, we are offering a total of 22 scholarships and bursaries at varying amounts for students heading to or currently studying full-time in an accredited college/university.

Our SCHOLARSHIPS are based on academic merit. This includes your academic transcript, as well as evidence of volunteerism. You will be assessed by your written essay.

Our BURSARIES are awarded on a financial needs basis, for students who may have trouble affording schooling due to home, work, or community situations. You will be assessed by your written essay.


To qualify, students must:

Be in their penultimate year of high school (in Ontario) applying to a full-time program at at an accredited College/University *** in Ontario; or currently studying in an accredited college/university *** (in Ontario) for any full-time degree

Be holding a GPA > 2.0

Show exemplary character, leadership and good work ethic in the school and community

Participate meaningfully in various volunteer and community activities

Are residing in Ontario at the time of award notification

*** Students must be applying to an accredited school for a full-time program in Ontario – proof of enrollment at this school must be shown before award is given

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Value of the scholarship:

Available Scholarships:

2 x $1000

6 x $500

5 x $200

10 x $100

Available Bursaries:

2 x $500

5 x $200

10 x $500

Number of scholarships available: 22


How to apply:

1. Go to http://rapidaccesstomedicalspecialists.ca/scholarships.html

2. Submit an application, CV, transcript

3. Submit a personal 1000 word essay with only one of the following essay prompts (as a pdf):TOPICS FOR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS ONLY- A significant or new technological advancement which has influenced you- Explain how your chosen field of study can be beneficial for the medical fieldTOPICS FOR BURSARY APPLICANTS ONLY- How will this scholarship impact your education and extra-curricular studies?- Apart from scholarships, how do you plan on financing your education?

Submission Instructions:

1. Download and fill application form COMPLETELY. Do not leave any blanks.


3. Fill in the “Application Submission” box

4. Select only one type of application - you may NOT apply to both

5. Make sure your full name, email address, date of birth, and phone number are filled out correctly

6. Select the post-secondary institution you will or are planning to apply to (high school students, pick your FIRST CHOICE school)

7. Click Submit.

We thank all those who apply. Only those selected will be contacted. Awardees will be chosen by our designated scholarship/bursary committee. Awardees will be notified by email or phone, and posted on our website. Selections will be posted by Nov 20th (term 1), and Apr 20th (term 2). Please do not call, mail, or email for submission confirmation.

Students may apply either to a scholarship or bursary. Students must meet the criteria listed below. Scholarship amount cannot exceed tuition costs for the school year. Extra scholarship money cannot be retained or transferred for the next school year.

Good luck all!

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