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Qolty.com Digital Health Scholarship

Are you interested in medicine and health? Our scholarship explores the ways that mobile technologies and digital health tools are transforming medicine. We want your help in exploring these challenges. Essays such as “How mobile technologies help prevent injuries and harm” “How do you imagine digital health tools can help your loved ones?” “What kind of study would you like to see that uses digital health tools?” are all applicable. See our website for more information and prompts.


The minimum requirement is to be currently enrolled in undergraduate studies.

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We have purposely made each submission a quick and easy application and hopefully a great CV Builder. The winning essay will be posted to each site and will stay there for each year so that students can show this winning essay to potential employers or to their professional profile.


Students can apply by submitting a 1000-2000 word essay on digital health and your ideas for how digital health can fundamentally transform medicine.Submissions are available through this page: https://qolty.com/digital-health/

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