Promotion in North American Studies

    GSNAS admits 10 doctoral candidates per year and awards up to 10 scholarships


    The formal requirement for an application is a university degree (M.A., German Diploma, or the equivalent, Doctorate) with above average marks in either North American Studies or one of the disciplines represented at the John F. Kennedy Institute (Cultural Studies, Literature, Political Science, History, Sociology, and Economics) or closely related academic programs. The discipline of the intended dissertation must correspond to the discipline of the M.A.-degree, or at least be closely related to it. Further information can be obtained at the Graduate School of North American Studies.

    Applicants for postdoctoral stipends must have completed a doctorate in one of the fields listed above, with above average grade.

    Since all instruction is in English, enrollment in the program requires English language proficiency at an advanced level.

    The Graduate School is highly interested in international representation and encourages international doctoral and postdoctoral candidates to apply. In order to ensure an equal balance between male and female students, applications by women are particularly encouraged.

    Applications for the doctoral / postdoctoral program are also possible if you have your own scholarship/funding. Please make a note on the application sheet and provide some confirmation.


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    The Graduate School provides scholarships for eleven admitted doctoral students per year, which will be nominated on a competitive basis during the admissions review process. Scholarships will be awarded for a maximum of three years. Continued funding past the first award year is based upon good progress towards completion of the doctoral degree. Scholarships amount to ca. € 1,500 per month.

    Students with outside funding from external organizations, e.g. foundations, are welcome to apply for associate enrollment in the program if they fulfil the admission requirements.

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