President's Doctoral Scholar Award

    This flagship funding scheme, which is strongly supported by the University's President and Vice Chancellor Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, will offer over 100 elite studentships each year and be underpinned by a core investment of £2.5m over four years.

    • ''It is an absolute priority for the University of Manchester to support and develop tomorrow's global research leaders.''

    Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

    The PDS Award will give the most outstanding students from across the UK and from around the world a foundation to support research training with prominent academics across a full range of subjects.

    Successful PDS Award holders will receive funding for their doctoral studies as well as an additional £1000 enhancement to their annual stipend/living allowance (please note that the awards themselves do not necessarily cover the full cost of undertaking a research degree and the amount will vary depending on the candidate and discipline).

    PDS Award holders will also:

    • be invited to attend a series of exclusive events where they will have the opportunity to meet the University's President and Vice Chancellor, interact closely with our academic community and network with other PDS Award students.
    • benefit from international research leadership under distinguished scholars.
    • become a PDS ambassador for the University.
    • benefit from our extensive transferable skills training programmes for research students.
    • receive a President's Doctoral Scholar medal at graduation

    PDS Activities

    It is an absolute priority for us to support and develop tomorrow's global research leaders and as such we strive to create and environment that allows award holders to excel and reach their full potential.

    A bespoke suite of training activities has been developed for all Presidential Scholars which focus around the University's three core goals:

    1. World-class research
    2. Outstanding learning and student experience
    3. Social responsibility

    These activities will include advanced training in areas such as leadership, self-awareness, collaboration, public engagement, publication, sustainability and commercialisation.



    The PDS Awards are open to all nationalities and across all research areas, and will be of interest to students of the highest calibre who have the commitment and desire to work on challenging research projects in world leading research environments.


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    Successful PDS Award candidates will receive funding for their doctoral studies as well as an additional £1000 enhancement to their stipend.

    In terms of the total value of the award this will vary depending on the candidate and discipline area. Students in receipt of a PDS Award may be funded via multiple routes including local school funds, industry, charities and also self funding.

    Other Sources of University Funding

    In addition the the PDS Award the University has a variety of opportunities available to assist you in compiling a funding package for your research degree at the University of Manchester.

    To search the wide range of studentships offered by the University (including its Schools) visit our funding opportunities database.

    Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding - Charities and the Voluntary

    The University of Manchester has subscribed to the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding, which is available to all applicants and current students. This guide details how to find and apply to alternative sources of funding - in particular charities - that make awards to current and prospective graduate students.

    The Guide was written by two UK based PhD students who between them have won over £45,000 from 52 different charity awards. It contains model personal and financial statements, and over 100 links to voluntary sector funding sources. The Alternative Guide is independently published by GradFunding.

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