PolyU Design Master of Design (International Design and Business Management) tuition scholarship

    ID&BM is a multidisciplinary specialism based on an integrative design thinking management approach, pulling together professional knowledge in the areas of design, business and technological fields to achieve "managing design as a competitive strategy" in an international business setting. Globalisation in business and education has rapidly diminished boundaries between countries, cultures, and economies. ID&BM will provide a ‘meeting point’ for students and faculties amongst the collaborative institutes from different regions of the world, which enables cross-cultural and -disciplinary project teams to solve and manage real-life design, business and technical problems. ID&BM is targeting intakes distributed across Hong Kong, mainland Chinese and international students, and across design, business and technological fields.
    The tuition of the whole programme is HK$158,400 / US$20,439\* . The scholarship will cover not less than 50% of programme tuition.
    \Conversion (for reference only) HK$7.75 = US$1


    PolyU Design is now inviting applications to Master of Design programmes. Eligible applicants are non-local students in our full time programmes. Exceptional experienced designers with an entrepreneurial mindset or keen to make positive change will be offered a tuition scholarship, normally not less than 50% of programme tuition fee.
    Academic performance, work experience, portfolio, and letters of recommendation are all factors in scholarship consideration.


    Do you wish to become an international student next year?
    Demonstrate your English skills with IELTS.


    This learning opportunity encourages you to venture out of your comfort zone, to open up, push boundary and challenge yourself. Other benefits include receiving Invitations to conferences, seminars, workshops and networking activities, and as an ambassadorial role in the School, chances to meet various groups of stakeholders of the University.
    Studying Design in Hong Kong has the following value preposition:

    • Proximity and Connections to the World’s Second Largest and Fastest Growing Economy
    • Bustling Startup Scene for Post-Graduation Career Path
    • Celebrating Design Culture and Commerce
    • Attracting International Talents: Most Competitive Tuition Fees among Top 25 D-Schools with a Welcoming Immigration Policy

    \- Prospect for Further Academic Development in Asian Design Research at the Top Design Research Institution in Asia

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