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In 2004, the Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino founded the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP), restricted to 150 young and exceptionally talented students, selected solely on the basis of merit, among the applicants to the Laurea Magistrale programmes (equivalent to a Master of Science) in Engineering, Architecture and Design at the two universities. The resulting Community is made up of very motivated and exceptionally qualified students (about 60% achieved their Bachelor of Science – B.Sc. – degree cum laude) with a passion for innovation, coming from about 20 different countries; more than 1/3 of them are women. These students follow a curriculum additional to their degree programmes, completely in English, based on ad-hoc courses and the development of multidisciplinary projects.


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All students enrolled in the ASP programme will benefit from a tuition fee waiver (the fee waiver does not include the regional tax and administrative fees), for the two-year Laurea Magistrale programme. Tuition fee waiver for the ASP programme. ASP will cover transportation costs to the locations of ASP courses, together with lodging and meals to all students enrolled in the ASP programme at PoliMi and PoliTo. ASP students will be granted a financial support for project activities, according to the annual financial availability. Scholarships reserved only to international candidates (all students with a foreign nationality and with a Bachelor degree obtained in a non-Italian University) in order to cover accommodation costs. Please find in the section below the specific benefits from PoliMi and PoliTo. Politecnico di Torino benefits for international students

International students will be granted monthly a financial support of 400,00€ net for the two-year period of the ASP programme to cover part of the living costs in Turin. However, this amount will not fully cover living costs in Italy.

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