PhD Scholarships to promote biomedical basic research

    The Boehringer Ingelheim Fund is a public foundation of civil law. The purpose of the foundation is to promote biomedical basic research. This promotion aims to contribute to explaining fundamental phenomena of human life. Examinations of plants and prokaryotes will only be sponsored if they are of general biological importance. Outstanding scientific work is demanded of the applicants. Only the very best are sponsored by the foundation, nationality is irrelevant for the scholarship awards.


    The scientists in the Board of Trustees and the external peer reviewer evaluate applications according to the following three criteria:

    • the applicant's achievements to date (grades and curriculum vitae);

    • the scientific quality, e.g. originality and inventiveness, of the proposed PhD project;

    • the scientific standard of the laboratories in which the project is to be pursued.


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    The basic monthly stipend amounts to 1,550 euros. In the United Kingdom, a further 1,000 euros, in the USA and Denmark, a further 800 euros, in Australia, Israel, and Canada, a further 500 euros, in Switzerland, a further 1,700 euros, and in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden, a further 200 euros are added as a country-related premium. Depending on the cost of living, all other countries are grouped into one of these categories. In most countries, fellows are paid an additional flat rate of 150 euros per month to cover premiums for personal insurance and minor project-related costs (books, travel expenses, etc.). For example, the monthly stipend for an unmarried fellow working in Germany amounts to 1,900 euros, in the USA to 2,500 euros, in the United Kingdom to 2,700 euros, and in Switzerland to 3,400 euros. A spouse allowance, child allowance and/or childcare allowance may be added. The stipend is transferred to the fellow's personal bank account by the middle of each month.

    Tuition, bench fees and overheads are not reimbursed by the foundation.

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