PhD scholarships for Security and Crime Research at UCL SECReT

    These scholarships are intended to pay for those who wish to enter our 4-year PhD programme in a wide range of security and crime topics.

    The UCL SECReT 4-year programme will integrate research, taught elements and transferable professional skills training creating a unique student experience within an internationally recognised centre of excellence. Students will undertake:

    1. A core programme of taught modules.
    2. Transferable skills training.
    3. A programme of security events.
    4. 3-12 months at a partner organisation on internship.
    5. The PhD thesis.

    Research Areas

    Our research is organized across the domains of security and crime science. It is applied to mitigate threats to our physical, communications, energy, health, border, transport, environment and financial infrastructures. Our methodology joins science and engineering expertise (S&T) with expertise from wider disciplines including the social sciences. We see four research 'domains' which can interact. These are Science and Technology innovation, People Factors (human factors in the development of security solutions), Process factors (understanding operational processes of activities / infrastructures under threat) and Policy (govn policy).

    Over 200 academics at UCL have come together to support students wishing to explore PhD subjects in the areas listed below. The list is not exhaustive so please contact us for further discussion:

    • Information Security Management- Cyber security, Cyber terrorism, Computer and Network Security, Cryptography,
    • Physical Security Management - Access control, Building Design, Crime Prevention, Ship Design, Port Management,
    • Resilience and Disaster Management - Disaster modelling, Contingency Planning,
    • Socio-Human studies - Radicalisation, Pathways into crime and terrorism, Sociology of deviance and crime control,
    • Human Perception and Behaviour - Cognition and decision making,
    • Secure Systems and Security Systems,
    • Detecting, Imaging, Locating and Tracking Technology - Radar, sonar, CCTV, acoustic sensors, RFID, and associated processing techniques,
    • CBRNe warfare mitigation - Radiation physics, Nanotechnology, Material science, Biochemical engineering,
    • Information Communication Technology - networks, wireless sensor networks,
    • Languages, Linguistics, Speech, Hearing, and Phonetics Sciences,
    • Intelligence and Data Analysis - Surveillance and Open source intelligence, Artificial Intelligence,
    • Temporal and Geo-Spatial Pattern Analysis - Urban modelling, Crime mapping, Social analysis,
    • Forensic Sciences - Geo-forensics, electronic, digital and chemical forensics, statistical forensics, forensic archaeology, evidence,
    • Laws and Political Science - Criminal laws, Humans rights, International Public Policy,
    • Ethics, Privacy, Consent.


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