PhD International Positions in Real-world Application of Swarm Robotics

  • PHD
  • Salaried (€ 3,378 per month)
  • 31 January 2022

**About the PhD project:
**Large-scale multi-robot systems, or robot swarms, have numerous potential real-world applications, such as search and rescue (industrial partner Robotto Co ApS) and farming (industrial partner Agro Intelligence ApS). It is, however, still unclear how human operators can effectively engage and control systems composed of multiple autonomous robots, especially in unstructured and outdoor environments. The PhD project will be carried out in the context of the project “Human-AI collaboration: Engaging and controlling swarms of Robots and Drones” funded by Digital Research Center Denmark and the Innovation Fund Denmark. The project focus is on key challenges in multi-robot collaboration, and on the design and evaluation of technological solutions that enable end-users to effectively engage and control autonomous multi-robot systems. The successful candidate will conduct basic research on abstractions, algorithms, and artificial intelligence as well as practical case study-based research involving digital prototypes and the industrial partners’ robotic hardware. The candidate will work closely with other PhD students, senior researchers, experts from industry, and end-users.

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Syddansk Universitet tilbyder videregående uddannelser i form af bacheloruddannelser, kandidatuddannelser og efteruddannelse (masteruddannelser, uddannelser på deltid) samt forskeruddannelser (ph.d.). Universitetet har fem fakulteter og er repræsentere...

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We are looking for a highly motivated, creative, and ambitious student with a good command of English (written and spoken), who can work well in a team as well as independently and quickly acquire knowledge in new topics. The candidate should have a master's degree in engineering, computer science or a related field, a genuine interest in interdisciplinary research and a drive to bring multi-robot systems to real-world application. The candidate should have solid experience in programming and robotics. The ideal candidate should have a commitment to basic science and experience with relevant experimental work. Also, the ideal candidate is competent to acquire skills to conduct high-quality research and present and publish the outcome of the project at international conferences and in scientific journals.

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Employment as a PhD fellow is a 3-year salaried position (start salary amounts to approx. 3.378,- EURO per month incl. supplements).

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