PhD international awards in Quantum Enhanced Biosensing

  • Phd
  • $28,597 p.a. (+$6,000 top up)
  • 10 August 2021

Supervisor – Professor Warwick Bowen

Our research aims to translate the precision sensing techniques from quantum optics to biological measurements. This philosophy has recently been successful applied in kilometres large scales for astronomy, allowing the LIGO collaboration to detect the first gravitational waves.

Using similar techniques but at microscopic scales, we have developed the first biosensor free of all source of technical noise making our sensor only limited by the fundamental quantization of the light. This allow us to detect and track single proteins down to 3.5 nanometres in size and track them with 100 measurements per second. Notably this is achieved using only a tiny fraction of power compared to other sensors, and thereby greatly reduces photodamage dealt by detection. We aim to use this sensor to uncover biophysical phenomena never directly seen before, such as the rotational steps of single motor molecules. Moreover our sensing technique can be used for the development of new rapid detection platform for medical diagnostics such as early stage cancer detection.

Your work will consist in further develop this technology and apply it to explore biophysical phenomena alongside our precision sensing team. This can involve design, characterisation, modelling, and proof-of-concept deployment of precision sensors.

A working knowledge of optics/photonics, signal processing, RF electronics and scientific programming (e.g. MATLAB, Python, C++ or similar) for data analysis would be of benefit to someone working on this project.


You must meet the entry requirements for a higher degree by research.


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$28,597 per annum (2021 rate), indexed annually. A top-up of $6,000 per annum is also available.


To apply for admission and scholarship, follow this link. There is no separate application for scholarship because you will have the opportunity to request scholarship consideration on the application for admission.

Before submitting an application you should:

  • check your eligibility
  • prepare your documentation
  • contact Professor Warwick Bowen ( to discuss your suitability for this scholarship
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