PhD Fellowship in exocytosis mechanisms of insulin release - Unversity of Copenhagen

  • Phd
  • Fully Funded
  • 6 January 2017

University of Copenhagen Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology is offering a three-year PhD fellowship inexocytosis mechanisms of insulin release. The PhD fellowship begins on 15 March 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The project will use electrophysiological (patch-clamp), optical and optogenetic tools to investigate the nature of insulin release, which is known to take place in both faster and slower phases. You will participate in testing specific hypotheses about the nature of these phases. The different phases might occur because of different degrees of 'readiness' of vesicles that fuse along a single pathway, or because different parallel pathways exist, or - finally - because the release machinery can assemble with different stoichiometries to support fast and slow release.

To investigate these points, you will study the role of different SNARE-proteins, and synaptotagmins in the release process. You will use both isolated beta-cells and cell culture models, such as Ins-1 cells. The actual experiments to carry out will be decided together with the PhD-supervisor, and a research program will be submitted to the PhD-school.  As part of the project, the PhD-student will travel to collaborating laboratories abroad.

**Job description
Your main tasks as a PhD student at SUND are to:
• Complete an independent research project under supervision
• Complete PhD courses or other equivalent educational activities corresponding to approx. 30 ECTS points
• Participate in active research environments including a stay with another research team
• Gain experience of teaching or other types of dissemination related to your PhD project
• Write a PhD thesis based on your project


Required qualifications
Applicants should hold:

Master' degree or equivalent in medical or biological/biophysical sciences .
Excellent track record from your Master's studies, as demonstrated by transcripts and recommendations.
Good technical skills.
Good communication skills, both oral and written.
Demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, flexibility and initiative.

Preferred qualifications

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a strong:

Experience in patch-clamp electrophysiology is an advantage

Experience in methods for primary and immortalized cell culture is an advantage


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The position is available for a three-year period.The salary and other terms and conditions of the appointment are set in accordance with the Agreement between the Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations) or other relevant professional organisations. The position is covered by the Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities 2013.

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