Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development Postdoctoral Program

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Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development (R&D) sponsors a postdoctoral training program that provides a unique opportunity to pursue ground-breaking research in the areas of disease biology, drug delivery and mechanisms of action, as well as the engineering of novel therapeutic proteins, vaccines, and nucleic acids. Trainees pursue their research and career training in a culture steeped in the translation of basic science discovery into difference-making medicines for patients of all ages and geographies.
Postdocs can pursue their training at a number of the company’s Worldwide R&D campuses around the globe. Examples of research areas, units and disciplines include:
Cardiovascular, Metabolic & Endocrine Diseases Center for Therapeutic Innovation (multiple disease areas) Clinical Research (human biology and quantitative sciences) Comparative Medicine Drug Safety R&D Global Biotherapeutics Technologies (protein engineering) Immunoscience Inflammation & Remodeling Medicinal Chemistry Neurosciences Neusentis (pain and sensory disorders and regenerative medicine) Oncology Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics & Metabolism Rinat (multiple disease areas) Vaccine R&D
Our postdoctoral training program is designed to provide a strong research foundation that will lead to tomorrow’s innovative new biological therapies for major human diseases. Fellowship support is offered for up to four years. We place a strong emphasis on publications, attendance at major international meetings, and career-building activities that will facilitate the trainee’s transition to a career in either academia or the pharmaceutical industry.
Pfizer Worldwide R&D’s Annual Postdoc Symposium is a highlight of our training program, bringing together trainees from all of Pfizer’s R&D locations for scientific presentations by our trainees as well as internal and external researchers. Career-building activities are also a focal point of the symposium. Our program’s core mission is to match high-quality trainees with outstanding mentors and promising research projects in a setting that places a premium on the preparation of our trainees for the next stage of their careers.


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