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PennyGeeks Car Insurance Essay Scholarship

College tuition can cost a veritable fortune, and more students are finding it difficult to achieve the American Dream of getting a college education. At PennyGeeks, our team knows how long it can take to pay off student loan debt, and we’d like to help students alleviate some of the burden by offering a $500 essay scholarship.


Any U.S. student who is currently enrolled in or has been accepted to an American college or university.

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$500 will be awarded to the scholarship winner. The funds are intended to be used for books and tuition only. PennyGeeks.com will write a check to the winner’s school of choice to be credited toward academic costs. Recipients may only win this scholarship one time.


Please submit a 700- to 1,200-word essay on one of these topics:

How will driverless cars impact the cost of auto insurance?How can college students save money on auto insurance?How can recent college graduates save money on car insurance?

In the essay, please mention the city and state where you live. The essay should be written in either MLA or APA format.

Submit your essay to scholarship@pennygeeks.com.

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