Peking University Academic Excellence Scholarships

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Student Candidates: Third year undergraduates, masters, and doctoral exchange students.
Selection of Award Winners 

With the recommendation of the student? department, a panel from the Division for International Students office, the Dean? Office, and the Office of Graduate Studies will choose among the candidates and report to the president of the university for final approval. 

Schedule Specifics 


Individual departments make recommendations of candidates. A list of candidates should be posted in each department for soliciting of opinions. Mid-October individual departments should report their candidate lists and supplementary information to the Division for International Students office.


Basis Requirements: 

1\. Candidates must be regular students; they must not be on leave of absence or suspended from the school. 

2\. Obey all Chinese laws and university rules, register on-time, study hard, and have superior grades. 

3\. Undergraduates: Starting in their second school year, undergraduates must have passed all required classes with an average GPA of at least 3.0. Undergraduates must have passed all controlled elective classes. 

4\. Graduate students: Superior grades, great research ability, creative thought are all requisite. Doctoral students who apply for scholarships must have published their thesis and this must have taken place at Peking University and also published in an official publication for your department at Peking University.


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Values of Scholarships: 1. Doctorate Academic Excellence Scholarship:     1st Prize: 10,000 RMB 5 students     2nd Prize:5,000 RMB 10 students 2. Masters Academic Excellence Scholarship:     4,000 RMB 15 students 3. Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship:     3,000 RMB 30 students

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