Partnership scholarship program for Russian universities

    Partnership scholarship program for Russian universities
    The aim of the scholarship program is to create more extensive cooperation between LUT and a number of Russian universities on education and research and to strengthen these networks, as well as to transfer knowledge between the Finnish and Russian economies.
    Students coming from these Russian universities do not have to specifically apply for this particular scholarship. The student applies for a scholarship in one of the categories mentioned above, while LUT takes care of granting the possible scholarship from this programme whenever the student becomes eligible for this scholarship.


    When applying to LUT you are also eligible to apply for one of the following scholarships.
    • Tuition fee scholarship
    • Full scholarship
    • Living cost scholarship

    NOTE: The granting for the scholarships varies from programme to programme by the admitted type of scholarship as well as by the number of scholarships admitted within a certain type of scholarship.


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    Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) offers international degree students a limited number of scholarships in three different categories:
    • Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 25-100 % of the tuition fee (if applicable)
    • Full Scholarship, covering the tuition fee and living expenses
    • Living Cost Scholarship, covering the living costs

    The scholarships are based on academic excellence and/or the need for financial aid to support the studies at LUT.
    Tuition Fee Scholarship
    A Tuition Fee Scholarship covers up to 100% of the tuition fee. If you have received a tuition fee scholarship, the amount of your scholarship will be deducted from your tuition fee invoice, i.e. there will be no payment made to your bank account.
    Full Scholarship
    If you have no regular income, you can apply for a Full Scholarship for your financial support. A Full Scholarship covers 100 % of the tuition fee (if applicable) and living costs up to 500 EUR per month or 5,000 EUR per year (paid in monthly installments starting on September 15, 2013).
    Living Cost Scholarship
    If you do not have to pay a tuition fee and do not have a regular income, you can apply for a Living Cost Scholarship for your financial support. The maximum amount granted is EUR 500 per month or EUR 5,000 per academic year, paid in monthly instalments starting September 15, 2013.

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