OVN Research Grant

    The OVN foundation aims to stimulate research from all academic disciplines into the history of freemasonry in the Netherlands and its former territories from the time of its foundation until the present day. The foundation collects donations in private, masonic and academic circles to form a fund, from which research grants are made available to students, graduates and scholars. The OVN is an independent organization, not associated to any masonic or academic institute. The board is advised by a Committee of Recommendation, consisting of academic experts on freemasonry and western esotericism from universities in Europe, the USA and Canada.

    OVN makes research grants available to students and scholars of all nationalities.


    Eligible candidates: students and scholars who are interested in the history of freemasonry.


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    Maximum EUR 5000,- for research into the history of (Dutch) freemasonry, covering related material costs, travel and accommodation.

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