Novo Nordisk Master, PhD and Research Fellowships (STAR programme)

  • Master, Phd
  • Fully Funded
  • Always Active

Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company and the world leader in diabetes care. We are in the top league of pharmaceutical companies in terms of percentage of our annual turnover invested in R&D.

Novo Nordisk, together with Novozymes, provides scholarships to around 40 master’s students annually. Grants for up to one year are awarded to support exceptional students in the final year of their master’s programme for the thesis project. The scholarship may also cover a research year for medical students.

Currently, Novo Nordisk co-finances around 80 PhD fellows in the R&D organisation. Some are Industrial PhD fellows who spend about 50% of their time at Novo Nordisk. Others are associated with PhD schools at Danish universities. Novo Nordisk and the university jointly define the project. Projects must be related to Novo Nordisk's R&D areas.

PostDoc Fellowships are intended to strengthen the recruitment base for Novo Nordisk R&D, to help to establish or expand relations to Centres of Excellence, and to generate new knowledge and skills to strengthen competences and innovation.


MA: To be eligible you must be enrolled at a Danish university or Lund University in Sweden and work in a field relevant to Novo Nordisk R&D strategy.

PhD: To be considered, you must hold a master’s degree with a grade point average belonging to the top 20% of the grading scale at the university where your Master's degree was awarded. A certificate from the university of this is required, if you graduated from a non-Danish university.


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