Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) - Kennisontwikkelings programma (KOP)

  • Course
  • Full scholarship for tuition fee and living expenses
  • 25 October 2017

This is a 5-year sponsorship programme that aims to advance the capacity, knowledge and quality of individuals from 28 developing countries. If offers sponsorship for a short course or training at IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam in the spring/summer period of 2018.


be admitted to one of the following short courses offered by IHS: Green Cities for Eco-efficiencyLocal Economic DevelopmentUrban Management Tools for Climate ChangeLand Markets and Informal Settlement RegularisationInternational Course for Housing and Urban Developmentbe a professional and national of, and working and living in one of the countries on the KOP country list.have an employer’s statement that complies with a prescribed format. All information must be provided and all commitments that are included in the format must be endorsed in the statement.not be employed by an organization that has its own means of staff-development. Organizations that are considered to have their own means for staff development are for example: multinational corporations (e.g. Shell, Unilever, Microsoft), large national and/or a large commercial organisations, bilateral donor organisations (e.g. USAID, DFID, Danida, Sida, Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs, FinAid, AusAid, ADC, SwissAid), multilateral donor organisations, (e.g. a UN organisation, the World Bank, the IMF, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, IADB), international NGO’s (e.g. Oxfam, Plan, Care).must have an official and valid passportmust not receive more than one fellowship for courses that take place at the same time.must have an NFP government statement that meets the requirements of the country in which the employer is established.


Do you wish to become an international student next year?
Demonstrate your English skills with IELTS.


Full scholarship for tuition fee and living expenses for the duration of the course.


To apply, please visit the scholarship page on the IHS website:\_fellowship\_programmes/  Note: Please keep in mind that you have to be admitted to one of the above mentioned courses before you can apply for the funding programme. Thus, please apply for any of the courses by 18 Oct 2017. Apply for a course:

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