NERC: Industrial CASE Studentships

    The Industrial CASE Studentship Competition promotes collaboration between the research community and the end-users of research. It aims to achieve a benefit to both the end-user and to the student.Applications must demonstrate excellent science research along with the potential for societal or economic impact through strong collaboration with the non-academic (CASE) partner(s) and the provision of high quality training in research skills.The non-academic partnermust be committed to contributing to the research training of the student


    Applications should fall within the NERC science remit.
    Individuals may make only one application to the scheme, whether it be in the role of supervisor or of co-supervisor. This applies to both the research partner and the CASE partner.
    We only accept applications on Je-S direct from academia. Proposals can be led by either the academic supervisor at an eligible UK University or research institute or supervisor/supervisors at the non-academic (CASE) partner organisation, but the application process must be completed by the academic partner, who will then be the recipient of the award.
    Organisations eligible for Research Council funding cannot act as a CASE partner.
    The CASE partner should be involved in the project’s formulation, and there should be added value to the studentship in it being a CASE award. The CASE partner will provide a supervisor to oversee the student's training. Proposals where the contribution by the CASE partner is limited to provision of data, samples or access to land will not be successful.
    The CASE partner must be an end-user i.e. an organisation whose primary role is not research, but rather, is to use the outputs of research in developing business, technology, regulation, policy, or social / environmental enterprise, within the public, private or third sector. International organisations can act as CASE partners as long as they have an established base in the UK.
    The CASE partner must demonstrate that commercial, regulatory, policy-making or enterprise
    activities form a significant part of its remit and that the focus of the proposed studentship falls within the scope of these activities.
    CASE partners should also provide evidence of the need for their buy-in and of the rationale for
    advancing their activities.
    Applications may have Private Sector, Public Sector or Third Sector CASE partners.
    Independent Research Organisations (IROs) may act as the CASE partner if they can demonstrate the above.
    Applications can have more than one CASE partner if appropriate to the project.


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    Awards will be made for 48 months. The total funding awarded each year will be calculated on the basis of: the set student stipend, plus the set research training support grant, plus the set fee level. Awards will be supplemented with London Allowance where necessary.
    Each notional studentship award consists of(as of 2014/15):
    • Stipend:£55,452
    • Fees: £15,984
    • RTSG: £11,000
    • Management Fee: £1,500

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