Nanotechnology: KESS II Funded MSc by Research Studentship

  • Master
  • Tuition fee, stipend
  • 15 January 2017

Western flower thrips (WFT), Frankliniella occidentalis, has developed resistance to insecticides and is very difficult to control currently as adequate and reliable biocontrols are not available. WFT caused crop damage of >£20m to high value protected strawberry in the UK alone and worldwide direct damage is in excess of £5 billion per annum, (Kirk, WDJ, Keele University, 2014). This project will develop effective entomopathogenic fungi (EPF) formulations, using nanoparticles to encapsulate the EPF spores, for control of WFT in strawberry and other pests. A few EPF based (=bioinsecticides) products are currently commercially available for some insect pests, but pick-up of the formulated fungal spores by thrips and other pests is low even when spores are present on foliage and flowers and the level of control is poor (Defra HL01107). This project will develop encapsulated EPF formulations that increase spore pick-up, longevity and hence efficacy of the EPF as a pesticide to control WFT.


Candidates should have a 2.1 or above in their undergraduate degree in Molecular Biosciences or a related subject.


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The studentship covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a stipend. The bursary will be limited to a maximum of £11,358 p.a. dependent upon the applicant's financial circumstances as assessed in section C point 4 on the ‌ There will also be additional funds available for research expenses.


To apply:
  • Complete the KESS II Participant Proposal Form
  • Complete the KESS Supplementary Application Form
  • You will also need to provide copies of the following documentation:
*   Degree certificates
*   References
*   CV
*   English Language certificate (if required)
*   All supporting documentation as detailed in Section C of the KESS II Participant Proposal form

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