Malta Government Scholarship Scheme for Undergraduate Courses

    Over the last decade, Malta has witnessed significant overall expansion in the higher education sector. In a knowledge-based economy, it is imperative to have a strong participation rate in higher education, which leads towards intellectual and economic growth to society.
    High quality undergraduate education is of central importance to a number of objectives: an ever more highly skilled workforce and the development of new fields of study and specialisation. It is a key to Malta´s economic and social progress, and is essential to many people's continuing professional development.
    Government believes that students may find valid learning pathways in degree courses which are provided, either through foreign higher education institutions or through recognised private higher education institutions in Malta.
    The Malta Government Scholarship Scheme (Undergraduate Course) for 2014 aims at providing more opportunities to promote further choice of undergraduate degrees up to and including Bachelor and Honours Degrees (excluding Master´s Degree programmes) classified as National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 6 or equivalent .
    Through this scheme Government is extending the support available to undergraduate students at the University of Malta, to those Maltese students undertaking equivalent studies leading to reputable and qualitative local and foreign degrees.
    The key objectives of this Scholarship scheme are:
    • To encourage more student participation at an undergraduate level in Malta and abroad;
    • To promote academic excellence in the private tuition sector;
    • To increase student choice of degrees and institutions.


    Students eligible for the scheme are students who h ave been accepted as regular students in a full time course of studies and registered as full time students in one of the following a:
    a. licensed private higher education institution or licensed tuition centre in Malta offering tuition which leads towards a recognised degree; or
    b. foreign higher education institution offering re cognised undergraduate degree courses. For the purpose of this scheme, recognised degrees shall mean such degrees as verified by Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (Malt aQRIC) within the Ministry of Education and Employment, to be comparable to undergraduate degre es classified as equivalent to MQF level 6. Those degree courses provided locally and leading t o a recognised foreign qualification are listed on the official site of the undergraduate scheme an d these courses shall be exempt from MaltaQRIC verification by the applicant 2. Additionally, in those cases where such degrees lead to professional careers, the Malta Government Scholars hip Scheme Board (hereafter referred to with the acronym MGSSB) may request a report from the de signated authority responsible for warrants. Without prejudice to these criteria, the MGSSB may reserve the right to withdraw eligibility of certain courses leading to specific degrees, from the scheme.
    Additionally, in order to apply for the Malta Gover nment Scholarship Scheme, candidates should meet the following eligibility criteria:
    (a) Be a Maltese citizen who has been residing i n Malta for the past five (5) years. Provided that for the purposes of calculating this 5 year require ment, consideration shall not be given to such period of time during which such Maltese citizen ha s been residing outside Malta for study, health or work purposes or any other purpose which the Boa rd may consider, or
    • (ii) Be a Maltese Citizen who is a worker or self-e mployed person in Malta, or
    • (iii) Be a national of an EU/EEA state or a family member of such EU/EEA national (as defined in LN 191 of 2007 and in LN 205 of 2004 res pectively for EU and EEA nationals), provided that such person has obtained permanent residence in Malta in accordance with LN 191 of 2007 and in LN 205 of 200 4 respectively for EU and EEA nationals, or
    • (iv) Be a national of an EU/EEA state who is in Mal ta exercising his/her Treaty rights as a worker, self-employed person or person retaining su ch status in accordance with LN 191 of 2007; or
    • (v) Be a third country national who has been grante d long-term residence status under LN 278 of 2006.

    (b) Applicant shall have completed their term of co mpulsory education. Proof of completion of such education has to be provided by applicant and endorsed by the school/institution previously attended;
    (c) Applicant intends to attend the course regularl y and make satisfactory progress;
    (d) Applicant shall be in possession, by applicatio n deadline (that is 30th November, 2014 at noon \[CET\]), of the necessary minimum entry require ments for the course applied for, as required by the degree awarding institution;
    (e) Applicant shall be in possession by application deadline (that is 30th November, 2014 at noon \[CET\]), of certified copies of the qualificati on certificates and the classification thereof. It is the responsibility of applicants, in possessi on of qualifications awarded by foreign post- secondary or tertiary education institutions, to pr oduce an evaluation report on comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Qualification s Recognition Information Centre (MaltaQRIC) within the Ministry of Education and Em ployment. A copy of the said report issued by the MaltaQRIC, or the designated authorit y in case of warrants, should be attached to the application. The MaltaQRIC original report is to be kept by the applicant and presented only for verification purposes at the Cus tomer Care, Education Building, Great Siege Road, Floriana. Candidates not in possession of this report may still apply, provided that they submit a copy of the report to the receiv ing department as soon as it becomes available and in any case by not later than one (1) month from the closing date of the call for applications;
    (f) An applicant who has already started the underg raduate course may apply under this scheme, provided that applicant is:
    • (i) not in receipt of any other scholarship. Certai n scholarship schemes completely or partially financed by the Government of Malta may a llow the applicant to be eligible for MGSS-UG. In such case, applicant must consult the Regulations governing the other scholarship scheme. The decision of the Directorat e for Lifelong Learning is final on eligibility in such a case;
    • (ii) not in possession of a degree at the same MQF level or higher of that degree for which applicant is applying for;

    (g) Applicants in possession of a degree higher tha n MQF Level 6 (that is in possession of a Masters and/or PhD shall not be eligible to apply.
    (h) Applicant is available, by December 2014, to commence the full time academic studies and continues uninterruptedly the entire duration o f the intended course. The Malta Government Scholarship Scheme Board may consider in exceptional cases courses starting at a later date but not later than March 2014.


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    A General Degree Courses
    Students who, under the terms established in these regulations, are granted a scholarship and are following a full-time undergraduate degree (MQF Lev el 6), Doctor of Laws or Doctor of Medicine course, qualify for the following award for the dur ation of the programme of their studies:
    1\. Except for students following Prescribed Courses (listed hereunder), a fixed rate of Euro 83.86 every four weeks payable between the 1st October and the 30th of June;
    2\. A sum of Euro 465.87 per academic year to partly cover expenses related to educational material and equipment;
    3\. A one-time grant of Euro 465.87 payable in the f irst year.
    B Prescribed Degree Courses
    Students who, under the terms established in these regulations are granted a scholarship and are following a full-time undergraduate degree course ( MQF Level 6) as prescribed, qualify for the following award for the duration of the course of t heir studies:
    1\. A fixed rate of Euro 146.75 every four weeks pay able between the 1st October and the 30th of June;
    2\. A sum of Euro 698.81 per academic year to partly cover expenses related to educational material and equipment;
    3\. A one-time grant of Euro 698.81 payable in the f irst year.
    The prescribed courses are:
    • Bachelor of Science - Biology
    • Bachelor of Science - Chemistry
    • Bachelor of Science - Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Science - Physics
    • Bachelor of Science - Statistics & Operations Research
    • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science - Informatics
    • Bachelor of Science – Artificial Intelligence
    • Bachelor of Science - Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science - Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Science - Business and Computing
    • Bachelor of Veterinary Science
    • Bachelor of Education - Biology
    • Bachelor of Education - Chemistry
    • Bachelor of Education - Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Education - Physics
    • Bachelor of Education - Computer Studies

    4\. The MGSS Board may receive further recommendatio ns from the Ministry of Education and Employment with regards to the list of Prescribed C ourses according to national needs and criteria.
    5\. Payments shall start after the presentation of original receipt of payment of first term / semester as proof that the applicant started such course.

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