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London Met is the champion of affordable quality education.

Ways to fund your studies

Bursaries and grants

Bursaries and grants can help you cover a range of expenses whilst studying, including your living costs.

Fee reductions and discounts

The fee reductions that are available can depend on your level of study and where you are from.


The types of student loan available to you depend on where you are from and whether you are looking to study an undergraduate or a postgraduate course.


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Already providing some of the lowest tuition fees amongst UK universities, our scholarship programme reinforces our commitment to widening access into education. The scholarships listed below are for full-time students only. The Maintenance Grant and Special Support Grant give eligible students financial help with accommodation and other living costs. You can receive either the Maintenance Grant or the Special Support Grant, but not both. Whether you qualify for a grant, and the level of grant you receive, depends on your household income. The full grant of £3,354 will be given if the household income is £25,000 or less. The grants are government–funded and do not have to be repaid after you finish your course. You can apply for a grant at the same time as your Student Loans.

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