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Join the sustainable energy revolution and boost your personal and career prospects. Combine your current PhD studies with customised training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Positions throughout Europe. Mobility support included. Our PhD programme is designed to meet the needs of i) doctoral candidates, ii) our academic and industrial partners, iii) future employers, and iv) future customers of new businesses.

Doctoral candidates who participate in our PhD School receive:

a complete uncompromised PhD education with their doctorate degree awarded by their home university. customised training in innovation, business creation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy. significant insight into the energy economy, the industrial outlook of the energy field and into how energy businesses are formed. connections across organisations throughout Europe, forming a powerful network of contacts across the energy sector.

PhD researchers successfully completing the PhD School will have the ability to:

work effectively and efficiently in international environments. learn from and critically engage with an engineer; show continual commitment to a future sustainable energy system. recognise interdisciplinary problems and embrace new challenges with an innovative spirit. gather and apply new insights, methodologies and results to research methods, or in a professional context. convert inventions into innovative products, services or start-ups. show strong leadership.


What we look for in a candidate:

  • an interest in energy innovation and turning research into a viable business opportunity, connecting this to patents, IP, risk assessment, and so forth
  • innovation and entrepreneurship potential in their thesis
  • an industry connection of their thesis
  • those actively looking for opportunities, to
  1. improve and make an impact on society with their research,
  2. help a company or the industry at large become more competitive,
  3. found a company, either independently or as part of a corporation.


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Costs related to events integrated in the curriculum, e.g. Kick-off, innovation seminars and summer schools are covered by the programme, and included in the participation fee. For European* Students applying to programmes For Non-European* Students applying to programmes For all admitted European students, there is a participation fee waiver, courtesy of KIC InnoEnergy. The participation fee is 8000 €/year. Scholarship possibility. Excellent students can be nominated for a monthly allowance of up to €750/month for a maximum of 24 months. You can be nominated for this scholarship independently of your application being received during either the first or the second application round.  Scholarship possibility: Excellent students can be nominated for a scholarship including both a participation fee waiver, and a one-time travel and installation support of up to €1000**, and a monthly allowance of up to €750 for a maximum of 24 months. You can be nominated for this scholarship only when applying in the first application round.     * By ‘European applicants’ applicants with citizenship in one of the EEA countries (all EU member states and Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) or Switzerland are meant. ‘Non-European applicants’ are thus all applicants who do not comply with the above definition of a ‘European applicant’.  ** Only applicants conforming to the definition of “non-European” above can be eligible for the one time travel and installation support. Please note: A scholarship paid in Poland is presently subject to taxation in accordance with the provisions of Polish law. Subject to certain conditions, benefits paid by an entity having its registered office outside of Poland may be exempt from tax on the basis of Article 21 points 39, 40 and 40b of the Act of 26 July 1991. AGH shall endeavour to arrange a tax exemption for the Student. However, a final decision in this regard is issued by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in accordance with the binding provisions on personal income tax (Journal of Laws of 2012 No. 361 as amended).

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