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    In 1965 a Fund was set up in the UK by public subscription to commemorate President Kennedy. Kennedy Scholarships have been offered annually in competition since that time to British citizens who are graduates of UK universities and wholly or mainly educated in the UK. The Scholarships are tenable at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The broad context of the awards remains the President's interest in bringing into fruitful combination the two great disciplines of traditional humane studies and modern technology and so making their strength effective in the activites of government and in the direction of world affairs. Applications are welcome across all academic disciplines and to all the graduate schools and departments at both institutions. In the same season as an application is made to the Kennedy Trust for a Scholarship, a separate and independent application must be made to the desired programme(s), meeting all requirements and deadlines. Any award offered at interview in January is provisional, pending acceptance from Harvard or MIT. Trustees seek academic excellence, candidates' readiness and ability to express themselves and a strong academic and personal context for their proposed study. They may also look for originality of mind, a commitment to public service, the potential to make a mark in public life and the ability to overcome adversity. Over 500 Kennedy Scholarships have been offered over the past 50 years with many former scholars in leading positions in the UK and the USA. The Scholarships are offered in the expectation that Scholars will bring the benefits of their American experience back to the United Kingdom.

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    Kennedy Memorial trust offers scholarships for graduate programs at Harvard and at MIT. The memorial has two expressions. Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe was commissioned to design ‘a memorial in landscape and stone’ on Crown land at Runnymede which was, in May 1965, bequeathed to the American people in perpetuity under the control and management of the Kennedy Memorial Trust.

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    Those applying must be all of the following: British citizens at the time of application, ordinarily resident in the UK and wholly or mainly educated in the UK. Applications will not be accepted from those already in the US. Marriage is not a bar to application but there are no extra funds available for a spouse. All applicants must have studied at the UK university. If not due to graduate from a first degree immediately before travelling to the US, they must be a graduate of a UK university or university college who has completed a first degree not earlier than 2011 and who, on 1 September 2016, will have spent two of the seven previous academic years as an undergraduate at a UK university. Awards will not be made to postdoctoral candidates wishing to pursue further study in their own field.

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    A Kennedy Scholarship covers full tuition and health insurancefees, paid direct to the institution concerned. In addition, Scholars will receive a stipend of $26,000 to cover living cost. A substantial contribution will also be paid towards the cost of one return transatlantic flight. Scholars are expected to spend part of their summer vacation in the US at the end of the academic year and may apply for an additional grant of $2,500 for vacation travel.

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